How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

washing the car not only makes your car look great but it also makes your car last longer.. When your car is introduced to all the elements such is acid rain dirt and debris from the road it damages the paint and causes a grit on the surface. This will over time cause your paint to dull and even worse Chip and bubble. So keeping your car clean is very important.

Depending on where you live is what will determine how often you need to wash your car. If you are particularly dusty areas such as the desert you will need to wash your car more often because the dust and dirt will cause your finish to dull very quickly. Also if you live near the ocean or salty areas the salt is a corrosive and will make your car rust quicker. So if you live in these locations it is recommended that you wash your car at least once a week. While this may seem like washing your car too much and also too expensive in the end they will add years to your car and also keep the car looking great.

If you live in areas that are drier and don't have as much dust you can get away with washing your car once every 2 to 3 weeks. Even though you don't think your car needs to be washed there is still very fine particles in the air that end up on your car and need to be cleaned.

If you live in areas where it snows quite often, you will want to wash your car as often as possible sometimes even several times a week. The salt from the plow trucks to melt the snow is very corrosive and ends up cake in different areas your car. People that live in these areas have a much higher rate of things resting on the car and breaking quicker. If you don't have the under-side of your car washed regularly you'll find things such as your starter alternator and other metal components under your car failing normal.

You also make sure you vacuum the car regularly because if you don't that there becomes embedded in the carpet and becomes extremely difficult or impossible to get out. By keeping your car's interior clean regularly and will be much easier to clean each time you need to clean it.

These are very important steps to keeping your car lasting longer and having more life to it. You will also be complemented by having a clean car all the time. People like she do pay attention to these things so if you're going for a new job or meeting new people, having a clean car will be a good first impression for them.

It shows them if you take care your car you more than likely take care of your house and be well organized. These are the subtle things that having a clean car will present to other people. 

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